Grillz - Gold - *One size fits all* - TOP

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Grillz - Gold - *One size fits all* - TOP

Art.No.: GR101RB
Ready for shipping Weight: 0.02 kg
No mold need, one size fits all!

Composition: Brass with rose gold plating.

The quality of fitting material is same with mouthpiece that is used by boxing players.

Cautions for User
You need to take the best care for wearing grillz.
If you feel irritation or pain at the teeth or around mouth, stop wearing it immediately.
1. Do not wear it while sleeping.
2. Do not wear it while doing exercise.
3. Do not wear it while chewing food (gum, candy, etc.).
4. Do not use it as a dental prosthetic device (denture or braces).
5. If dental treatment is underway, consult with a doctor prior to use.
6. Do not share it with others.
7. Do not wear for a long time.
8. Never bite people or animals with wearing the product.

Care Instructions
1. Rinse with clean water and store in a clean case after use.
2. Do not cleanse with chemical solvents such as acetone.
3. Do not wash with hot water after molding.
4. Do not put in the microwave.
5. Do not store in the place which is easily heated such as a car or balcony.
6. Keep out of the reach of children.
7. Keep away from pets.

ICED OUT BIZ Grillz cannot be used for other purposes than ornament as it is designed for teeth decorating accessory only. The company does not hold responsible for all kinds of personal and material accidents possibly arising out of wearing this product.
Grillz - Gold - *One size fits all* - TOPGrillz - Gold - *One size fits all* - TOPGrillz - Gold - *One size fits all* - TOP
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